Beyond The Dashboard: Evolving Your Experiences With Data

Posted on Oct 13 2020 - 3:58pm by Newsfeed


As data proliferates and the pressure to gain insights increases, today’s workers are looking for more immersive experiences embedded in their business workflows as part of a growing need to collaborate around data. Traditional dashboards have failed to keep up with these new demands, with data across sources, silos, and apps getting stale very quickly. Sharing insights securely is complicated and getting the right numbers without a single source of truth is a big task.

At Google Cloud, we know that the trusty dashboard has brought plenty of data points to tech executives over the years—and still does. Many companies still use them, in addition to spreadsheets, for the majority of their business intelligence (BI) and analytics tasks. A traditional data dashboard can bring you a snapshot of a moment in time, such as sales numbers for a given month. But it often doesn’t reflect real-time insights as new data becomes available within a few seconds or minutes. 

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