HPCnow! Helps the ALBA Synchrotron Improve Data Storage Performance With Excelero’s NVMesh®

Posted on Sep 30 2020 - 2:51pm by Newsfeed

(Source:businesswire)SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Excelero, a disruptor in software-defined block storage for AI/ML/deep learning and GPU computing, said that its partner HPCnow!, a provider of advanced supercomputing and high performance computing (HPC) services for scientific and research organizations, is helping major life science researchers around the world to accelerate research on COVID-19 and other diseases through more efficient data storage with Excelero’s NVMesh® software.

HPCnow! has performed a pilot at ALBA, a synchrotron light facility near Barcelona, to demonstrate how existing storage technologies can effectively deploy elastic NVMe based data storage to support the acquisition and processing of the massive volumes of scientific data generated by its high performance beamlines, which use soft and hard X-rays’ intense light source beams to help to characterize materials, their properties and behavior. The pilot report will be published in a market consultation of the CELLS in 2020. Over 2,000 researchers in biosciences, condensed matter (magnetic and electronic properties, nanoscience) and materials science obtain unique information from ALBA’s beamlines each year. With a new initiative to support small to medium enterprises performing COVID-19 research, in addition its many other scientific data processing and analysis workloads, ALBA’s IT Systems department needs an efficient scale-out storage to enable timely analysis and conclusions.

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