Red Hat expands Ansible ready to run cloud programs

Posted on Oct 16 2020 - 2:56pm by Newsfeed

(Source:ZDNET)DevOps, like the name says, is all about making it easier to integrate development and operations. Red Hat‘s take on DevOps, Ansible, is all about making it easier to run cloud-native and hybrid-cloud platforms on the cloud. At 2020’s AnsibleFest, Red Hat announced that Ansible would connect traditional server and hybrid cloud with Ansible Automation Platform and Red Hat OpenShift, its Kubernetes platform, with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management (ACM). At the same, time Ansible now comes with over 55 ready-to-run programs via its Ansible Content Collections.

Red Hat’s latest Ansible Content Collections provides users with the most up-to-date cloud platform content. These bundles of software modules, plugins, roles, and documentation make it much easier to deploy complex programs with the up-to-date security required for production-ready workloads.

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