Starting A Successful AIOps Initiative

Posted on Sep 5 2020 - 3:46pm by Newsfeed

(Source:insideBIGDATA)In this special guest feature, Hari Miriyala, VP Software Engineering at cPacket Networks, discusses how many enterprises are considering or deploying AI/ML tools to make their IT team more efficient, reduce troubleshooting time, or improve their organization’s security. But without the right foundation of accurate, precise and consistent input data, this move to AIOps provides little value. cPacket Networks is a network monitoring and packet broker solutions company that enables organizations around the world to better manage, secure and optimize their networks. Mr. Miriyala has over two decades of technical leadership and engineering expertise from SONET to ROADM/DWDM-based optical networking to multi-service packet networking systems. Prior to cPacket, he held technical leadership and management roles at Fujitsu and worked at Space R&D center developing systems for image processing and GIS applications.