Posted on Oct 17 2020 - 12:09pm by Newsfeed

(Source:Analytics Insight)

The focus on business outcomes has taken on a technological twist. Organisations relying on emerging trends in technology have a sole motive, ‘To drive the company towards growth.’ As the embrace of innovation continues, it takes a step further for advanced systems to be employed in routine work.

Earlier, it was okay for data scientists to get dragged into vague tasks or time-consuming experimentation with a variety of open-source tools in the name of innovation. The collaboration was often an afterthought or extremely difficult to achieve across the enterprise. Deployment of models in the enterprise was considered as a rarely achieved step. However, the table has turned today. Not accomplishing these tasks and acquiring a data science driven outcome has a greater cost of loss than it did previously. Henceforth, now is the best time to consider a data science platform for improving enterprises.

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