Since 2009, hundreds of major tech brands have come to rely on TechPRO Media to generate awareness and sell products and solutions to the community of IT and Business decision makers.


Lead Generation. TechPRO offers standard white paper content syndication programs to generate leads for your sales team to follow up on. Campaigns typically consists of TechPRO taking our clients’ white papers and syndicating on several of our brands including  BusinessTech Insider and Techprohub. If additional lead fulfillment is needed, we may tap our partner publisher network and other channels such as paid media and social media. On an average month, TechPRO can deliver well beyond thousands of leads each month.

Online Advertising. As we tap our publisher network which consists of our own properties and partner sites for lead generation, TechPRO Media can also leverage this same network to run large scale awareness programs. We can offer display banner campaigns at cost-effective CPM rates with potential to scale significantly as we can deliver over 100 million impressions per month on standard IAB ad units (728×90, 300×250).

Custom Content Production. Our in-house editorial team and senior writers from our partner publishers can also produce compelling articles, blog posts, e-guides and white paper research on your behalf. This new custom content can be used to further enhance your online advertising and lead generation initiatives.

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TechPRO Media is a B2B publishing and content distributing company based in San Francisco, CA. We publish editorial content and syndicate technical news and research reports on our own website brands such as BusinessTech Insider and Techprohub.

We provide further value to the Technical and Business community and advertising community through our white paper content syndication and online advertising network which leverages our partner publishers and their social media channels to reach over 10 million business leaders and industry professionals worldwide. TechPRO Media can accomplish this by leveraging our ability to deliver over 100 million ad impressions and generate thousands of leads with lead generation programs each month.

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